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The Styl’d Suite grew from the vision of owner and celebrity stylist, Nadia Durham, to expand men’s fashion and provide viable options for men in an often female dominated fashion world.  The Styl’d Suite is a Men’s Style House that has three distinct target markets and has developed unique subsets to cater to each one; this includes designers, stylists, and costumers.  All items are available for daily rental.


Their services include editorial pulls, client fittings, and access to designers and emerging collections, lead by celebrity stylist Nadia Durham.  The Styl'd Suite also offers personal shopping and closet consultations.  Our personal shopping rates start at $65/hourly and go up depending on scope of project.  Our closet audit takes 3-5 hours. The auditor will get rid of worn, ill-fitting and unflattering clothes, create new looks by mixing and matching the clothes that do work, and build a shopping list for key items that will help to expand your wardrobe.


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